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Edzo loves talking about himself so his town halls are a treasure trove of his lips moving.

WARNING TO LISTENERS: be ready for his new “Troot te da powa” catch phrase. It is the new “Tipaduh Speeya.” He will say it until he watches another Ben Affleck movie and hears a line he likes even better. We just hope it’s soon.

That aside, the IAFF Executive Board has a serious question based on his townhall and that question is for IAFF Ethical Practices Committee Chair and “Edzo for IAFF” 4th District Campaign Manager Andrew Pantelis.

Since we’re told by a few members of the IAFF Executive Board that there are still about a dozen charges that haven’t been made available to even the Board yet because they are told the reports aren’t done,  is it da troot when Edzo says “I have been furnished the results of the allegations that were levied against me” by the Ethical Practices Committee?

Yes, the guy running to be our next GP is already under investigation for about 20 things.

And the guy being investigated, Edzo, has seen the reports?  How, Mr. Pantelis, is this possible?

Maybe because the guy chairing the committee investigating Edzo is also openly campaigning for and endorsing Edzo?

VIDEO-Edzo: I can’t prove it “yet”. You’re just gonna have to take my word for it, I’m clean

Edzo boldly concludes “the results of those investigations are that I didn’t violate” anything.  “Results”?

Either Edzo is lying again to try to get elected or someone on the Committee is showing him reports that the Board says haven’t been written yet.  Either way this is corruption at its worst.

Maybe the Board should strike another committee to investigate this committee. We’re sure the $700 an hour law firm the Ethical Committee hired to investigate the allegations hasn’t taken enough of our dues money yet.

Regardless, if you are waiting for the results of the Ethical Committee’s work before you endorse Edzo, ask yourself why? With everything you already know about his corrupt dealings, his bullying for votes, his leaking internal info to anti-union newspapers and hiring union busting lawyers, do you need to know if he’s also done other bad shit?  He’s already dirty.

You have choices. Don’t hurt your union by electing a dirty new president.