The cost to date to the IAFF for the attorneys hired is $ 2,134,017.96. Below is the Attorney name, cost and a note. These attorneys have been doing duplicative work. The ones hired by the EPC and Staff claims committee to do their work would have never been hired if these wrongful and false accusations were never made. As a member of the IAFF you are entitled to request this information.

While there would have been some attorney fees to manage our pension plans, it should be a fraction of what’s been spent due to the false accusations and double work. Attached is the email correspondence between Kelly and Nelson Mullins (Anti union law firm) where he asks “Can you get me federal regulations or plan language which would prohibit Harold’s collecting a staff pension while still and employee” Scroll to the bottom of the pdf and read from bottom up. You should also note in that email that they are working off the 2002 Pension plan which is not the 1996 plan that was in place when Harold retired in 2000. Let me know when you’ve received and read this email.

Tarcza-63,820.01- Officers Non-Qualified Pension Plan
Duane Morris-118,424.50-Officers Non-Qualified Pension Plan
Gordon Feinblatt-551,148.97- Staff & Employee Plans Attorney
Schnader-564,453.12- EPC Committee (This will continue to increase)
Schwartz/Sommers-45,000- Staff Plan for Harold’s pension (hired by Lima as chair of the staff claims committee)
Wiley-131,699.25- Federal Investigation attorney (hired by Executive board)
Nelson Mulliins-281,064.94- Anti Union law firm Kelly hired (using private email and not reporting to the board)
CBIZ-87,340.75- worked in conjunction w/Nelson Mullins
BDO-291,066.42- worked in conjunction w/ Nelson Mullins

All staff and employee pension plans are located in the Human Resources department that is constitutionally managed under the General Secretary- Treasurer’s office. You are able to gather all the plans with a simple call to the HR Director. When Harold’s pension was suspended last March 2020 during the Legislative Conference, we were under the assumption that the attorneys were basing their opinion on the 1996 plan. Just trying to emphasize either the lack of Kelly’s understanding of his own position as GST or his intent of tainting the General President’s name, and legacy and ultimately running him out.